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Mommy groups around the country love Deck of Chores!

Deck of Chores can be used alone, with a partner, in groups or with the entire family.

Playing Cards – These are custom playing cards with suits and numbers that can be used in regular card games or matches, same suits and even highest number wins.

Chore Cards - Parent’s Choice – The parent can choose a card or several cards from the Deck of Chores to leave for the child as the chores to do for that day.

Chore Cards – Kid’s Choice – The child is given the Deck of Chores and they choose one or several chores to do for that day.

Deck of Chores can be kept on your kitchen counter and should be used by children as one way to help out their busy parents. Discuss as a family and choose a specific place in the home where your children know to check for chore cards left for them on a daily basis.

Or, set the Deck of Chores in a location where your family members can easily take a card, read it and perform the chore. There are also 4 blank chore cards for parents or children to add their own specific chore that is not already part of the deck (set the table, wash the windows, set the table).

Deck of Chores promotes confidence, responsibility and a sense of accomplishment while getting children acquainted with certain household chores.

Parents, you no longer need to remind your child to perform an assigned chore. Simply choose the chore card(s) and leave them in an agreed place for the child to retrieve.

Extra credit can be given to the child who finishes additional “unassigned” chores.

Deck of Chores comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buy now and start doing chores the fun way.

Start building responsibility, confidence and organization in your child today.